Its A Garden Pussy Party

Shyla, Martina Rhodee

Martina’s a beautiful blonde, with the toned, tanned body of a dancer, and Shyla is her alluring, dark-haired, olive-skinned girlfriend. Loving the freshness of outdoor sex, the girls engage in some torrid foreplay under the trees, moaning, and sighing with smoldering passions. With Martina lying down, with her legs spread wide, Shyla intently licks and fingers her pretty, mostly bald, pierced pussy, that is topped with a thin finely cropped landing strip, as she moans, ecstatically. Then Martina returns the favor, hungrily licking and fingering Shyla's hairless, quivering quim, as she moans, and sighs, with impassioned zeal. Martina then moves into doggie, with Shyla intently finger fucking her from behind, as she moans, and yelps, with unbridled passions, until she finally explodes with a powerful screaming orgasm. Then Shyla lies on her back, with one leg in the air, as Martina kneels next to her, playing with her rock-hard nipples, as she masterfully finger fucks her, making her moans, and wail, in Lesbian rapture. The scene ends, with the girls sensually kissing each other, in satiated, lesbian, 7th heaven bliss.