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Pillow Fights Really Do Lead to Pussy Licking

Cayla and Whitney are a pair of stunning, flaxen-haired, gorgeous goddesses, who are playfully enjoying the classic pillow fight, that soon evolves into some sensual lesbian loving, as they sensually, kiss and caress each other until they are wantonly humping each other’s thigh while moaning elatedly. Lying side by side, they feverishly finger each other's pretty, bald-pussy, while passionately kissing and moaning ecstatically. Then Cayla dives between Whitneys long, tanned legs, masterfully licking and fingering her quivering quim, to send her into a moaning, sighing seventh heaven, that culminates in her potent, shrieking, body convulsing orgasm. After a gorgeous 69, Whitney obsessively licks and fingers Cayla’s tasty twat, with fiery fervor, bringing her to an explosive, screeching, soul-wrenching orgasm, which leaves the girls kissing and caressing in Sapphic bliss.

Length: 25 Minutes Pics: 140