Love May Be Blind But Lust Is Vivid

Bianca, Erica Fox

Bianca’s a tall, bewitching, blonde, goddess, with a toned, taut body, who leads in Erica, a tall, alluring, small-breasted, stunner, who is blindfolded, with her hands tied with a ribbon, for some gentle, loving, bondage play. Bianca slowly, sensually kisses and caresses Erica, but once the blindfold is off, and her wrist untied, she reciprocates, with impassioned zeal, leading to the girls frantically rubbing their crotches together, with fiery fervor, filling the room, with their rhapsodic moans. Then Bianca goes muff diving, lavishly licking and fingering Erica’s hairless hooch, before adding a pink vibrating dildo to the mix, making Erica moan, and cry out, in debauched exultation, as she triggers her sweet, orgasmic release. She then puts Erica in doggie, while she continues frenetically fucking and fingering her pussy, driving her to the heights of a moaning, gasping, primordial, demonistic, orgasmic eruption. Following a beatific 69, where Erica now uses the vibrator, and her skilled fingers on Bianca’s gorgeous, bald cunt, to make her moan, and wail, with impassioned ardor. Then Erica kneels in front of her so that she can focus her fingers, tongue, vibrator, and all of her intention on giving her the same powerful release that Bianca gave her. Her efforts are rewarded, as a jaw-dropping, soul-wrenching orgasmic tsunami engulfs her. With their passions satiated, the girls softly kiss, in mutual, salacious gratitude.