Cayla and Nicole Will Blow Your Mind

Cayla Lyons, Nicole Vice

Cayla is a beguiling, tall, blonde, blue-eyed beauty, and Nicole is a tall, toned, tanned, brunette vixen. The girls begin their Sapphic encounter with some kissing, caressing, undressing, and rubbing of each other's honeyed holes, in a way that would make Aphrodite blush, as the room is filled with their rhapsodic moans of lecherous longings. Cayla kneels before Nicole adroitly licking and fingering her hungry hooch, that is topped with a well-trimmed patch of fur, as she moans, and sighs ecstatically. Driven by her carnal cravings, Nicole hands Cayla a vibrating dildo, that she fucks her with while fingering and licking her clit, playing her pussy like a maestro of the oral arts, while she moans, and squeals, with impassioned ardor. After moving into a jaw-dropping 69, Cayla continues fucking Nicole with the vibrator, to bring her to a mind-bending, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm. Inspired, Nicole dives into Cayla’s pretty, bald muff, greedily licking and fingering her clit, as if, her tongue were an electric eel on speed, as Cayla moans, whimpers, and squeals, in hedonistic exultation. Then, Nicole fucks her tasty twat with the vibrator, while licking her clit, as she moans, and screeches, in pornographic jubilation that culminates in her screaming, body shuddering little death of an orgasm.

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