Hot Girls In A Tub Cum Clean

Minnie, Nia Black

Minnie and Nia are a couple of lovely, young, vibrant, coquettish, tantalizing temptresses, who are playfully enjoying each other’s soft supple flesh in a giant bathtub while moaning rhapsodically. Using the soap and shower jets they pay special attention to each other’s honey pots, as they get their juices flowing. Then, Nia uses a vibrator, along with her talented fingers and tongue on Minnie, to bring her to a jaw-dropping, intense, squealing, body shaking orgasm. The girls grind their muffs together in an acrobatic scissors, before Minnie focuses the vibrator, on Nia’s hungry hole, to get her motor revved, before she dives in, for some masterful pussy licking and fingering, then she resumes using the vibrator, like a maestro of the lesbian arts, adeptly bringing Nia to a sensational screaming, body convulsing, orgasm.

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