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Two Horny Honnies Enjoy Steamy Lickfest

Sadie is an adorable, tall, brunette, with a firm, fit body, and Tara is pretty, sweet, blonde, who looks delicious. Tara is confiding to Sadie, how frustrated she is, dating a bunch of guys, as she look for mister right, to no avail, so Sadie decides to seduce her, convincing her, to try something different. Taking control, Sadie warms her up, with some passionate kissing and fondling, before expertly licking her bald, honey pot, as she moans and cries out, in Sapphic exultation, while chanting her mantra of Oh, my God, endlessly, until she finally explodes, in a glorious orgasm. Inspired, Tara wants to try pleasing Sadie, and this newbie takes to lesbian loving, like a duck, takes to water. Tara intently licks and fingers Sadie’s naked, honeyed hole, as she moans ecstatically, bringing her, to an earth shattering, volcanic, screaming orgasm. Moving into a 69, Sadie’s fervent fingering and licking overwhelms Tara, until she looses all control, swept up, by her unleashed, primal passions, the culminate, in a spectacular, screaming orgasm. Sadie then, puts her in doggie, ardently licking and fingering her pussy and asshole, as she moans and howls, with uncaged, lesbian passions. Then, Tara tries her fingers and tongue out on Sadie, while she is in doggie, looking luscious, as she moans and yelps, consumed by her raw, primal passions, bringing her to a savage, screaming, body convulsing orgasm. Following some tender kissing, Sadie lays her back, as she dives between her legs, frantically fingering and licking her greedy cunt, as she moans and screeches, in salacious jubilation. We leave the girls, still amorously kissing, and caressing one another.

Length: 30 Minutes Pics: 241