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Lola and Macy Enjoy Sapphic Sojourn

Lola is sparkling, slender, brunette babe, who is visiting Macy, an ebullient, toned, tanned, blonde, with a strong athletic body. After some jovial repartee, Macy puts the moves on her friend, with sensual kissing and caressing, that segues into her frenetically rubbing her clit, while she licks and bites her pert nipples, bringing her, to an explosive, screaming, body shaking orgasm. Unrelenting, Macy pushes her back, as she ravenously licks her bald, juice box, unleashing another shrieking, exorcism worthy orgasm. Anxious to return the favor, Lola sensually, savors licking and sucking her pretty, naked pussy, with wanton Sapphic relish, making her moan and cry out, in salacious exultation, culminating in a glorious, powerful orgasm. With Macy in doggie, she grabs Lola, by the hair, aggressively pulling her face, into her cunt, as Lola lavishly licks her love button, while she moans and yelps, with unchained, animalistic passions. Then, they move into a scorching 69, that has them both fervently licking, fingering, screaming and cumming explosively. Leaving them with big, satiated smiles, on their faces, as they kiss tenderly.

Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 122