Charlotte & Natasha Are Bootylicious Babes

Charlotte Stokely, Natasha Malkova

Charlotte is a beguiling, blonde, heavenly honey, with tasty, tiny tits, and Natasha is a vivacious, brunette temptress, with a tongue hardening body, made for sin. Thru a flash back, we see them, bumping into each other, in the hallway, of their hotel, where Natasha was the aggressor, seducing tentative Charlotte, and soon, they are in a room, sensually kissing, caressing, and undressing one another, for some beatific Sapphic foreplay. Once naked, Natasha’s titillating tongue, teases the engorged clit, of Charlotte’s pretty, fur topped pussy, as she moans and writhes, with her searing passions, bubbling, to the surface. With her passions set ablaze, Charlotte licks and fingers Natasha intently, from behind, making her moan and yelp, with unbridled, primal passions, in doggie, before cumming explosively. Charlotte then sits, on a night stand, with her long, legs spread wide, looking Seraphic, as Natasha kneels before her, worshiping at the altar, of her carnal cravings, licking her intently, as she moans and wails, in debauched jubilation, before convulsing, in an all consuming orgasm. We are then treated, to a display, of two sublime asses, as Natasha moves into standing doggie, while Charlotte licks, fingers, and spanks her, sending her, into an intoxicated, moaning, squealing, sexual delirium, culminating in an awesome, screaming orgasm. They end with a rapturous 69 before returning to reality, as Charlotte sneaks out of the room, smiling about her life changing one night stand.