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Grinding Kiara and Marie Start A Bush Fire

Marie is a scintillating, ebullient, redheaded vixen, with a scrumptious, dancer’s body, who exuberantly readies herself, for her girlfriend, as she enjoys rubbing body lotion, all over her luscious body. Kiara is her tiny titted, blonde girlfriend, who is the dominant one, in the relationship. When Kiara arrives, she takes charge, kissing and caressing Marie, before laying her back onto the bed, to climb, on top of her, aggressively grinding her cunt, onto Marie’s, making her moan ecstatically, before she moves down, to expertly lick and finger, her hungry hooch, launching her, into a moaning, wailing sluttish jubilation. With her passions set ablaze, Marie puts her in doggie, lavishly licking her, from behind, while spanking her ass hard, then flipping her over, onto her back, as she licks and sucks Kiara’s fur coated, honey pot, with a tongue, that darts about, like an electric eel on speed, while Kiara moans and cries out, in salacious exultation. The girls then move into a marvelous 69, voraciously licking, sucking, and frantically fingering each other’s cauldron of carnal desires. Consumed by their primal passions, they lock legs, frenziedly grinding their tasty twats together, while moaning and yelping, in Sapphic rapture. After masterfully licking Kiara, to an explosive orgasm, Marie sits on her face, moaning and screeching, with unhinged, primal passions, until another orgasmic tsunami carries her away, then they collapse into each others arms, basking in the afterglow.

Length: 32 Minutes Pics: 200