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Young Alice and Rilee Cum Squeaky Clean

Alice and Rilee are two adorable , brunette, vivacious vixens, who discover that they are the victims, of a hotel snafu, with their both, being double booked, in the same room. Looking to make the best, of the situation, they take a bath together, softly kissing and caressing each other, then Alice’s sexually aggressive nature takes over, as she fingers Rilee’s naked, honeyed hole, while passionately kissing her, inspiring Rilee, to do the same to her, filling the bathroom, with a rhapsody, of their euphoric moans. Sitting Alice on the edge of the tub, Rilee earnestly licks and fingers Alice’s shaved snatch, as she moans ecstatically. Alice reciprocates, by licking and fingering Rilee, front and back, as she stands before her, writhing, moaning, and crying out, in orgiastic exultation, as a torrent, of screaming, volcanic orgasms burst forth. They go back and forth, kissing, licking, and fingering, their savory snatches, with impassioned zeal, while moaning elatedly. Then, realizing what a screaming, slut puppy Rilee is, Alice revels in bringing her, to multiple, screaming, body convulsing orgasm, with her hands, tongue, and fabulous feet. These horny honeys are so hot, that they nearly set the tub water to boil, before melting, sexually spent, in each other’s arms.

Length: 29 Minutes Pics: 112