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Two’s Company, Three’s A Party

Dani, a pretty, brunette temptress, and Karlie, a ravishing, redheaded sexual siren, erotically, kiss, fondle, and undress one another until they are naked and Karlie is lavishly licking Dani’s bald, honey pot in earnest, as she moans elatedly. Then, Dani reciprocates, savoring licking her sweet, honeyed hole, that is topped, with a closely cropped patch of fur, as if, it were the nectar of the Gods, while she moans and sighs, ecstatically. The girls wrap around one another, merging to become one, moaning, groaning mass, of quivering, fantastic flesh, before Dani takes the lead, pushing Karlie back, so that she can lavishly lick her fur burger, bringing her, to another, mind boggling orgasm. Then a gorgeous, brunette, mystery girl, with a heavenly ass, and a toned, taut body, joins them for a torrid, lesbian threesome, double teaming lovely, little Dani to make her dreams come true, having four hands, two tongues, and two, pretty pussies all devoted to her very own pleasure, as she basks in the blissful glow of her decadent fantasy.

Length: 24 Minutes Pics: 46